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Hi! Welcome to my brand spanking new blog. I’ll be posting about craft projects that I’m currently working on or have completed. Right now my main crafting passion is crochet, but I also knit, draw, and paint ceramics. I’m interested in thousands of other craft techniques so you never know what else I may pick up. Stay tuned!


This is a project I did last month. It’s not all the project I had in mind. For some reason I couldn’t find all my supplies to make the painting but I did have little wood pieces to use…for something. I played around with the layout on canvas and then I remembered a concept I had seen on Pinterest when looking up Art Therapy projects. The words “I am” surrounded by words cut out of a magazine.

The words I chose are: Beautiful, wise, fun, mysterious, talented, intense, spiritual, steady, amazing, passionate, generous, resilient, creative, serene, a goddess.

For sure, this is a self-esteem booster. Who knew I could think of that many adjectives to describe myself! lol


I made this throw for my friend Kacy for Christmas. I posted it on Crochetville and on Ravelry but didn’t mention it here because this blog was linked to Facebook and I wanted her present to be a surprise! She seemed thrilled with it, so I am pleased.

This was my first time time doing the Corner to Corner pattern. I can see why so many people are addicted to making these. It’s really simple once you know what to do and works up quickly. There are many options when it comes to color. I chose to use Red Heart Unforgettable yarn in Sunrise because I’ve seen Kacy wear clothing in these colors and because she wanted something lightweight to drape over her sofa. It also made sense because she’s the type to overheat easily.


I received Red Heart yarn in Flame, Glow Worm, and Dayglow for a Christmas present from my cousin’s best friend. She tells me that her 3 year-old nephew helped her pick out the colors. He did a great job! While not colors I would have picked out for my self I think the blanket turned out wonderfully. The pattern is called Primrose Lane Throw and can be found on the Red Heart web site. I started this project on Dec. 26, 2015 and finished today Jan. 25, 2016.

Pumpkin-Gingerbread Trifle Blanket

I finally finished this blanket today. Apologies for not making sure it was smoothed out before photographing it. I did turn after each round, which may be obvious to some experienced crocheters, as it tends to lay flatter. I think I’ll donate this blanket to Warm Up Medina County.

A man once asked me to make a Cleveland Browns afghan. I found a picture to print and make a graph afghan. I made notes because I wanted to enlarge the pattern so it would fit a queen-size bed. Got 15 or so rows into it and the man exited my life. Well, then I decided to make it anyway and gift it to my cousin. The only problem being I lost interest in the project. I set it aside for awhile and instead worked on a bunch of baby hats, booties, and the Sunflower Throw. I decided to pick it up again but I lost the graph with my notes. So this is Plan B:


Renaning it Pumpkin-Gingerbread Trifle Granny Blanket.

Years ago, and pre-stroke, I crocheted a filet doily of my last name. I finally saved up enough money to have it framed. I’m sure it’ll look amazing hanging on the wall above my bed, but I couldn’t resist taking a picture and showing it off now! It has a burgundy suede mat and cherry wood frame.


Yesterday I completed the Sunflower Throw. It’s a free pattern found on the Red Heart site. I started the project on August 1st and finished it yesterday, October 18. It took me a lot longer than usual (my average is a month for adult afghans), but then again, I didn’t work on it steadily. The pattern was fairly easy but for some reason I didn’t understand the directions for the 3 strips. I finally just decided to do what my instincts were saying. Seemed to work! I ripped out stitches more times than I care to admit but that’s nothing new to a crocheter. Decided to use the join-as-you-go method and love it. Yay for new techniques!


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