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Hi! Welcome to my brand spanking new blog. I’ll be posting about craft projects that I’m currently working on or have completed. Right now my main crafting passion is crochet, but I also knit, draw, and paint ceramics. I’m interested in thousands of other craft techniques so you never know what else I may pick up. Stay tuned!


The second section was giving me fits. I ripped many a row out and even one I later concluded I didn’t have to! There’s a missed stitch sprinkled in here and there but somehow I will make it come out right. My mantra is, “It’s not perfect it’s handmade!” Although you know there is an OCD part of me that insists it can be perfect AND homemade…Anyway, this is the part of the second section where you cut both colors and then join with black a few stitches later so I thought this would be a good place to update. What do you think?

Alright, this is my third attempt at this afghan and this time I am determined to stick with it until the end. Carrying the yarn might bug me in the process but I will learn to deal. Besides, do I really want to alternatively weave in all those ends and do all that sewing? Not really.

In case you didn’t realize it I am trying to psych myself up and keep myself on track. This afghan has been in my mind to tackle for 12 years. Hibernating, frogging and completely starting over yet still here. This stain glass window pattern will not get the best of me, damn it!


I came across this mask the other day while going through boxes that had been in storage.  It’s a mask I made in Art Therapy class at Tri-C. I never posted it here because it’s not quite finished. I intended to have more design on the forehead. For now it’s in my boyfriend’s possession. I promised that I will finish it at a future time.

Thai Mask

Have you ever bought yarn for an intended project only to realize you didn’t have enough? Yep, it  and happened to me and no matter how I tried I couldn’t find more either locally or online. The yarn suffered through several years and two moves until I finally started this scarf. No pattern involved just alternated three rows of single crochet and three rows of double crochet until I was about out of yarn. Oddly enough, it matches the quad cane I use. I think I will be hanging onto this scarf for awhile.


This is actually one of the projects I crocheted last month. The pattern can be found on a Red Heart Super Saver wrapper. I believe it was called, Comforting Shawl by Katherine Eng. It worked up very quickly. I used Soft White yarn from my stash.



This is a project I did last month. It’s not all the project I had in mind. For some reason I couldn’t find all my supplies to make the painting but I did have little wood pieces to use…for something. I played around with the layout on canvas and then I remembered a concept I had seen on Pinterest when looking up Art Therapy projects. The words “I am” surrounded by words cut out of a magazine.

The words I chose are: Beautiful, wise, fun, mysterious, talented, intense, spiritual, steady, amazing, passionate, generous, resilient, creative, serene, a goddess.

For sure, this is a self-esteem booster. Who knew I could think of that many adjectives to describe myself! lol


I made this throw for my friend Kacy for Christmas. I posted it on Crochetville and on Ravelry but didn’t mention it here because this blog was linked to Facebook and I wanted her present to be a surprise! She seemed thrilled with it, so I am pleased.

This was my first time time doing the Corner to Corner pattern. I can see why so many people are addicted to making these. It’s really simple once you know what to do and works up quickly. There are many options when it comes to color. I chose to use Red Heart Unforgettable yarn in Sunrise because I’ve seen Kacy wear clothing in these colors and because she wanted something lightweight to drape over her sofa. It also made sense because she’s the type to overheat easily.

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